You've found Lilith's Trading Card Game post, Luna. It holds cards for all of the TCGs she's in. If you'd like to join any of them, please use "Lilith" as the referrer. If you would like to trade, click the "Trade Form" link on the right-side navigation, under "Basics".

Website Note

Since Lilith doesn't have HTML/PHP knowledge, the actual coding is maintained by her cousin and host Dite . But, site choices (such as layout), and TCG choices (which to join, what cards to collect, games played and cards taken) are all made by Luna, and while Dite helps her play games, the answered questions are based on Luna's knowledge, choices (such as pick one) are chosen by her, and the manual games (such as memory and puzzles) are played directly by her.


I use EasyTCG FM as my TCG manager, with extra functions by Dite.

Potential TCG Lists

I might join the following TCGs eventually: 1Up, Merriment, Small Screen, Suit and Tie

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